Monday, July 20, 2009

my new hobby is to wander around on streets of seoul and discover new places.

there are a few areas in seoul which i truly love. one of them is samcheongdong. the place is full of little cafes, art galleries, boutiques and street vendors. perfect place to spend your sunday afternoon with friends.


Jeca said...

Seoul looks so relaxing. And you always capture the greatest light. :D

epe said...

sounds and looks fantastic! i would love to visit seoul.
ps. amazing pictures!

monaka said...

Jeca: in fact seoul is really hectic but there are some places where you can feel relaxed.

epe: you should visit seoul. i think you would like it.

GON said...

Hi, MonaKa. :D
i just stopped by,
and so nice to see your photos, which is my homeland. :D
i thought your photos are quite different from the way Koreans see the things here.
enjoyed very much. ^-^

monaka said...

Gon: welcome! sometimes i wish to see Korea the way Koreans see it :)