Monday, December 14, 2009

suddenly the temperature dropped to -15°C (=5°F) which also made the clouds disappear. being outside in such weather makes me feel alive and fresh.

best snack in 2009
goes to purely decadent ice creams. can't resist them. there were days that i even had them for breakfast. i love trying new food and when i travel, visiting supermarket is equally (or even more) exciting than seeing the sights.

what do you eat when you crave for something sweet?

Monday, December 7, 2009

hello december. i've been waiting for you. i want to use this month to reflect on 2009. i was thinking of making one big post about 10 best things that happened this year but instead i decided to take this challange. i won't do it all but for sure i will answer some.

best trip in 2009
i still have two trips coming this year but i think they won't be able to top the road trip i did with my husband in june in korea. we traveled for a few days in jeollanam-do which is south of south korea. driving in seoul is one big nightmare but as soon as you leave seoul vicinity roads are empty. my favourite part was driving through the mountain tunnels. being inside a mountain is quite a thing.

what was your best trip in 2009?