Monday, December 14, 2009

best snack in 2009
goes to purely decadent ice creams. can't resist them. there were days that i even had them for breakfast. i love trying new food and when i travel, visiting supermarket is equally (or even more) exciting than seeing the sights.

what do you eat when you crave for something sweet?


yulanda said...

Same - visiting supermarkets in foreign places is always exciting.

Whenever I crave something sweet, I always head for ice cream first. I love ice cream!

lalli said...

I discovered these in the States. Fantastic!

sc said...

Looks delicious. Though I eat a tons of fresh and sweet fruits daily I find myself yarning for.. ice cream. So,one more vote of ice cream ;)

marie said...

oh im big on visiting supermarkets when i travel.. like a museum of modern life :)

fav sweet at the moment are some honey soaked walnut biscuits my aunt made. i dont like my sweets too sweet.. but when they're good i like them alot!

monaka said...

i want to share ice creams with each of you!