Thursday, February 18, 2010

today while cleaning my hard drive i stumbled across photos from my trip to japan back in may 2008 that i took with film camera. they made me miss japan, traveling, world without snow and film.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

in finland the valentine's day is actually called friend's day. i must say that i like it this way more. im thankful for every single friend i have in my life. those that are near, far and not here anymore. they surely deserve a celebration day. thank you for being who you are. ♥

hope everyone has a nice sunday. im curing my flu with some tea and cookies.

two thousand and ten has been quite a rough year already and not even two months are through. today is the lunar new year and i hope it will bring change for better. to celebrate the new year i made a korean rice cake soup. according to tradition eating a bowl of this soup makes you one year older. happy lunar new year everyone!

ps. im so happy to have so many new readers. im excited to read all your blogs. ♥