Sunday, February 14, 2010

two thousand and ten has been quite a rough year already and not even two months are through. today is the lunar new year and i hope it will bring change for better. to celebrate the new year i made a korean rice cake soup. according to tradition eating a bowl of this soup makes you one year older. happy lunar new year everyone!

ps. im so happy to have so many new readers. im excited to read all your blogs. ♥


jackie said...

Happy lunar new year! I could recognize the soup right away, I'm Korean myself :)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Your pictures are SO there a recipe for this?
I would LOVE to try and make it.

GON said...

Happy new year monaka.!!
looks soooo yum.!
(i've got a work to do, so i don't think i can get a bowl of ddukguk this year. so sad. T_T)

yunice said...

happy lunar new year~! I found this blog while i sufing blogs and it's really good to see korean food.

Elizabeth-Ann said...

happy lunar new year! hope you're having a fantastic day!

monaka said...

jackie, that's a compliment for me that you recognized my soup:) happy new year!

char, there should be. but i used a few and added my own imagination. try googling tteokguk. thank you and happy new year^^

GON, kamsahamnida^^ since you didn't eat the soup then you won't get older? ^^

yunice, happy new year to you too. korean food is SO good.

elizabeth-ann, thank you^^ hope to meet you this year^^