Monday, July 7, 2008

hello from phnom penh. it is humid and sticky. just a moment ago we had a rain shower but it didn't help much. cambodia is definitely different than any other country i have visited before. angkor temples were the most impressive thing i have ever seen. s-21 museum was very shocking and reminded me of auschwitz. the difference is that it was done by cambodians to cambodians.

we have plenty of fun and try to enjoy every moment of it. i want to live in a country where 1kg of mangos costs 1 USD (if you haggle you may get it cheaper)!! so far we had mostly good experiences. the bad experience was only when an evil monkey tried to bite teemu's leg! oh, and i fell from the stairs in one of the angkor temples which ended up in small wounds, bruises here and there and slightly broken lens.

tomorrow we are going to vietnam. i hope we will spend some more time in nature there as im dreaming about diving into the ocean.

random highlights of the trip so far:
-fresh and cheap fruits! so far i like dragon fruit the most
-fresh juice
-cheap accommodation (so far we didn't pay more than 7$ per night for a room)
-unfortunately, this means you have to sleep with lizards in your room
-if you leave any food open in your room it will be full of ants
-public aerobic in front of shopping mall, everyone can join, i didnt
-food is so good
-however, vegetarian food contains oyster and fish sauce
-riding tuk-tuk (motor trailer taxi?) is fun
-foreigner cannot walk for 5m without being asked if she/he needs tuk-tuk ride
-you can haggle for everything and you can get more than a half discount on everything (im shy to haggle but teemu is so good at it!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

it's time to move forward. tomorrow we start our over one month trip to south east asia. on the list there are thailand, cambodia, vietnam, laos, malaysia and hong kong. we have no specified plans and arrangments. all we have are our backpacks and open minds.

see you later.