Sunday, May 16, 2010

i've been a busy bee recently without much time for blogging. i follow quite a few blogs and after reading those i don't have time anymore to make an update myself. things have been rather good. may consists mostly of packing and unpacking but i don't mind that at all. i have spent a few days in helsinki with best friends and meeting friends that i thought id not see in the near future. it's funny how life sometimes makes nice surprises.

more travels ahead. at the end of this month i'm going to travel to south africa for 3 months. i've never been to africa so i'm looking forward to going there. i hope to meet elizabeth who has been so helpful answering all my questions about her homeland. it will be exciting to witness world cup as well. oh and the wild animals! tanzania, zambia and staying at the beach are in plans too.

but. first im going to sweden. next week i will travel to gothenburg. im going there to spend time with friends but any tips on that city are appreciated.

on the side note, ever since i moved to finland i keep on talking about weather. in a country where nothing really happens, weather is an important subject to talk about. i really can't believe how suddenly it got warm. last week i was wearing hat, scarf, gloves and swearing on the 7°C and this week i switched to sandals, shorts and enjoying 26°C. hello summer, what a surprise!