Monday, December 7, 2009

hello december. i've been waiting for you. i want to use this month to reflect on 2009. i was thinking of making one big post about 10 best things that happened this year but instead i decided to take this challange. i won't do it all but for sure i will answer some.

best trip in 2009
i still have two trips coming this year but i think they won't be able to top the road trip i did with my husband in june in korea. we traveled for a few days in jeollanam-do which is south of south korea. driving in seoul is one big nightmare but as soon as you leave seoul vicinity roads are empty. my favourite part was driving through the mountain tunnels. being inside a mountain is quite a thing.

what was your best trip in 2009?


Astrid said...

I think it's funny that you liked the tunnels so much. How come?

My best trip of 2009 is our honeymoon. But South Africa was pretty cool too.

Anna said...

sounds wonderful! my best trip was to new york and montreal with my honey. it was our first cross-country trip together and i loved it!

Melanie said...

oh i love that top image!
my best trip this year was to Annecy, France in the summer time and swimming in the beautiful lake.

GON said...

my best trip was to tokyo earlier this year. it was special because it was the first time that i went abroad all alone. :D

Elisabelle said...

My best trip was at the dead sea in Israel.
Cool challenge:)

satu said...

i love the photo of you. it's so strong it almost makes me cry. must be because of my own memories.

if i have more time soon i may take this challenge too.

i don't think i need to tell you about my best trip? or maybe you want to hear all about it!

piacere said...

It's a beautiful picture indeed.
And when you and Teemu will be here, we'll drive through some tunnels when we go from São Paulo to the city where my mom lives. ;)

I didn't travel much this year, but I finally went to Buenos Aires and I fell in love with the city.

monaka said...

Astrid: i like tunnels because once you enter them you can't go easily back and you don't know what's ahead of you either. it's exciting. your travel photos are so nice! i hope to go to south africa soon too.

Anna: i want to go to new york in 2011. i will ask you for tips then ;)

Melanie: i've never been to france nor to southern europe. one day. i hope!

GON: oh must have been really exciting.

Elisabelle: my friend has moved this year to israel and he is having time of his life!

satu: you're right... i want to hear all about it!

piacere: i'm looking forward to it!

sc said...

Beautiful! I can smell the sea and feel the breeze when looking to the first pic. I feel extra lucky to live here when it comes to weekend trips. It´s amazing that only few hours in a bus takes you to the lovely tropical island :)

Pascalou said...

2009 was THE year of the best trip of my life: one month in Japan.

kitchu said...

2009? china. to meet my daughter :)