Sunday, July 26, 2009

i've never lived in a dormitory until this summer. i was quite excited about it and i imagined i would have the best roommate ever and we would become bff. the reality turned out to be quite the opposite. im really thankful to sony for their noise cancellation earphones. despite all the downsides, i enjoy this experience (especially now when my roommate moved out). my favorite part of dorm life are night talks on the roof with quite a nice view over suwon city.

welcome to my room.

it's very small and there is no intimacy whatsoever. my bed is on the left.

the other side of my room. two beds, two desks, two closets. that's it.

the kitchen. my room is right opposite to it. i don't get people that cook at 2 a.m. and don't bother to close the door.

the fridge is always full.

all the food has to be labeled or otherwise it will be thrown away by cleaning ladies.

the washroom.

next time i would choose 4-bed-room. the rooms are bigger and it sounds like more fun.


satu said...

i really love this post!

sc said...

and so do i! :)

yasu said...

oh what an experience!!

monaka said...

satu: happy to hear that. soon i can give you a tour around my dorm :D

sc: thank you!

yasu: it is!

mieke willems said...

wow, that fridge is crazy full! but i like to see how you live there! good that that's not forever! but probably you're in the city all day long!

Melanie said...

i love these photos, especially the one of the beds! the colour and light - amazing! i've added you to my blog list :)