Saturday, February 16, 2008

it has been already half a year since i arrived here. im ashamed how little korean i can speak. -___- right now im really into cooking korean food. today im making chapchae and several side dishes. id like to learn how to cook sundubu soup (not sundubu stew) but so far i haven't found a person who would teach me so i will stick to my favourite traditional korean restaurant. i think i will search for korean cooking classes for foreigners^^

i've been looking for some new music and decided to check out amy winehouse. it turned out that i like some of her songs. i had no idea what kind of music she is performing. with no tv and no easy access to news im not that well informed. i dont miss tv. i miss an oven.


emmi said...

i just found your blog! so nice to hear stories from your trip.

Michele said...

Just today I noticed I can comment with my Google account. But I've been reading since the first post. :)
When you'll have an oven again, I'll translate some nice cake recipe for you.
I like Amy Winehouse. I heard her cd while travelling with a friend in July and then I had to buy one for myself.

mnk said...

emmi: i like your canada stories too! keep posting^^

michele: oh so nice to hear. thank you for reading. do you have some blog? I'd love to hear more from you.