Sunday, February 10, 2008

i feel like i am hibernating. im really lazy and i dont want to do anything. not even things that used to make me happy. i just sleep, eat and put on weight. it is not a depression because i dont feel sad. i am happy. however, i feel like i have withhold all my actions and im waiting for something... maybe it is spring or maybe something else. i just wish to wake up and kick myself to do some useful things. right now im too lazy to even kick myself. i need motivation and inspiration.


yulanda said...

I need one of those kicks too. but like you, laziness prevails.

mnk said...

today is the first day when i gave myself a kick. let's see how long it lasts^^

Natarsha said...

Hi! I just arrived in Korea 2 months ago. I have fallen into this type of routine. Hopefully, when the weather breaks I will go out more, but I just like being in the house when I am not teaching. I like your blog.