Monday, October 26, 2009

it has been sunny yesterday which gave me loads of energy but it seems i used all of it for studying. im alone fore a week so i will use this time to organize some things and do all the items from my to do list.

for a lovely autumn evening i recommend AnnaEmilia's new website and blog.


Anna said...

very cute blog, i haven't heard of anna emilia

Elisabelle said...

I just discovered tour blog trough Anna's.
Lovely pictures!

Delphine said...

i did the same thing this weekend, my boyfriend was away for 4 days and i reorganised all my paperwork. how come we feel it's easier to do it when we're alone? hmm

Melanie said...

great photo

monaka said...

Anna: she is very talented and nice girl!

Elisabelle: Thank you :) I'm going to read your blog now.

Deplhine: i guess cute boys distract us too much? :)

Melanie: it was a lovely evening.