Friday, October 23, 2009

it's finals time so i'm going to spend my weekend in books. but that's okay. i'm also making a list of things i want to make after exams are over. there are some overdue packages to be sent and bday gifts to be made. making plans is always good.


Anna said...

making plans always feels good to me, too. i hope you make everything you dream of. thanks for adding me on twitter, too!


Heipähei, Olipa mukava yllätys täällä. Kauniita kuvia ja ihania rajauksia, täälläkin palaa kynttilä :)

Rohkenen kirjoittaa suomeksi?

jenna said...

oi my, i'm with you monika. i have so much stuff to do. i have to send so many packages, meet friends, do homework. seems like there's never any time for photographs or free time or anything.