Thursday, August 20, 2009

i'm back in finland. the last two weeks in south korea have been amazing. i'm tired and i have no power to unpack.

i have two weeks before academic year starts. i should get my pens and notebooks ready :)


Anna said...

what dreamy photos. holga? i love the mystery int he last one!

hiki said...

hey you are back! sounds like you had a great trip. I hate unpacking but you will get there hopefully... ;)

epe said...

welcome back!
great pictures!

Jenna said...

hei, tervetuloa takaisin suomeen! sun matka näyttää just ihanalta! :) i should ask in english, are you finnish or just going to school there?

monaka said...

Anna: yes it is holga! my second roll. i love this camera.

hiki: i had fantastic time. i spent whole sunday unpacking and arranging things :)

epe: thank you.

Jenna: kiitos. olen puolalainen mutta asun suomessa jo yli 7 vuotta :)

Anonymous said...
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