Tuesday, August 25, 2009

august 4th, wandering in seoul with S on a hot and humid afternoon.
in korea it is easy to take pictures. almost everyone carries some sort of camera and people don't really care why and what you're taking picture of. it is sort of like a trend over there. in finland, on the other hand, it is the opposite. whenever i pull my camera out to take a photo i feel like everyone around stares as if photography was reserved only for tourists. i wonder why it is like that.


satu said...

my thoughts exactly... it's so easy here. <3 i love your pics from samcheong-dong.

yulanda said...

So true. My friend & I kept noticing all the girls on the subway that had DSLRs or SLRs slung around their shoulder.

These are great photos, btw.

Anna said...

beautiful photos!

*i didn't mean to show montreal as not pretty, i was just showing "the corners" that we don't always see. i thought it was a fabulous city! thanks for looking!

hiki said...

yes i see many korean tourists here and they are always shooting something with their cameras! but i guess us japanese are like that too :p but i do get that stare sometimes when i pull out my camera here if it wasn't a touristic place.

monaka said...

satu: we should make a new trend in Finland :) thank you.

yulanda: and they always have the newest models of DSLRs! thank you.

Anna: thank you. i think the hidden corners make the cities worth visiting.

hiki: in Korea in a book store they had plenty of guide books on cafe's and small shops in Japan. they love taking pictures of those places.

Kia said...

I could have write this post! :D It's the same here in Scotland (I moved here from Italy last Summer)! I know I shouldn't mind, but I do. You have a lovely blog, btw! Nice shots! :)