Thursday, June 25, 2009

the first 10 days in south korea has passed so fast. it feels good to be back here but i needed some days to readjust. there are so many people here. only in seoul there are 3 times more people than in whole finland. im eating so much! the food is just too good here. last four days i spent traveling around in the small cities and villages. it was really good experience. more about it in the next post.

(im trying to catch up with reading everyone's blogs but my google reader still says that i have over 380 unread blog posts...)


Anonymous said...

reading blogs should never sound like work! only read if you have time--immerse yourself in your travels instead.
you are lucky lucky to be in such a foreign land and so different to your homeland.

Christian said...

Sounds like you are having a good time in Korea ! I have recently started learning Hangul & had a moment when i was able to read the Coca-Cola label on the glass bottle. :))

Can't wait to see more photos !

yulanda said...

I absolutely love the second photo. Looking forward to your future posts. xo.

epe said...

sounds that you are enjoying your days there, and sounds too much unread blog posts! :)

monaka said...

maisiehandspun: it is not a work for me. i really miss knowing what my blog friends are up to!

Christian: Hangul is quite easy I think. Once you learn to read the alphabet the life becomes much easier in Korea. Are you planning to visit Korea?

yulanda: Thank you! You should post your photos from Korea as well.

epe: im trying to enjoy every moment!

Christian said...

I would love to visit Korea one day ! Right now i am using free online resources to learn Korean but hope to join a class (if i can find one) soon.

Do you speak Korean fluently?