Wednesday, August 13, 2008

one year in korea is over.
i can't believe this is it.
it is unfair to say goodbye.


minxmin said...

it's ok...we'll be saying hello again soon!

I'll miss you very very much~!!!

Hope you have a safe trip back home.

Love & hugs

Hanna Päivikki said...

hope you can go back to korea soon.. and welcome to finland!

piacere said...

it's not nice to say good-bye indeed.
have a nice trip. we'll miss each other again at the airport for just a few days. i'm leaving on the 19th.

monaka said...

min, i miss you already so much. you have to come here soon!

hanna, thank you.

mimi, jasper told me you two have met. i wish it was me. maybe next destination for me should be sp.