Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my day today.

6:30 am. the day started sunny and warm. taking bus from suwon to seoul.

7:16 am. arriving to gangnam station in seoul.

7:20 am. taking metro.

7:31 am. arriving to seollung station.

7:48 am. arriving to work.

12:03 pm. going for lunch with youngdoo. i had barely bibimbap.

2:47 pm. brainstorming with juni and youngdoo on work project.

4:32 pm. it started to rain.

5:03 pm. leaving work and taking metro to gangnam station.

5:34 pm. meeting teemu and hyojin in gangnam for dinner.

5:57 pm. having dinner in tofu house.


yulanda said...

I really enjoyed this post M, and I like your sandals.

piacere said...

Tofu house sounds like a great place to eat. :)

YoungDoo said...

awesome! i love it. i should try my own now. ;-)

monaka said...

yulanda: im happy to hear it. unfortunately, at the end of this day my sandals broke into half! i think they didn't like the rain and got too wet or something.

michele: it is a great place but unfortunately it is not vegetarian. so we had to ask to leave meat and sea food away.

youngdoo: thanks. you should.

Taina said...

Your photos were so nice, I wish I was there too :) I made tofu today for the first time, but I haven´t tasted it yet...But I´m sure you can have better tofu in Korean tofu houses ;)

Hugs and see you soon!

Mondazes said...

I love reading ya blog very nice, and ya pic is great too:)

Can i ask:) Wad shutter speed or exposure ya use to take the pic in the train. Its nice, focusing on the front while the rest behind in action.

It really look great in Korea. I might be gogin der may be in Jan next year:)

And the Tofu looks so yummy.

Have a Wonderful day

kazama said...'s there...haha..and my hand also.