Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i have a huge red pimple on my forehead and it is my biggest problem right now (well i have some other serious problems but i refuse to deal with them). i tired to apply toothpaste on it for a night but it didn't help much. my skin got so much worse during last 10 months due to heavy pollution and spicy food.

in one month im homeless and jobless but im going to be a traveler so i guess it is okay. i made a list of places i want to visit before going back home:
- Seoraksan national park and east sea (june 6-8)
- DMZ (june 14)
- Namsan tower (i can't believe i haven't been there yet)
- SOMA and LEEUM museums
- Insadong (i went there once on sunday but there was too much people. i have to go there on a week day when it is less crowded)
- Carribean bay (just because it was so much fun two years ago)

oh, and finnair was selling on a weekend return tickets to seoul for only 399 euro! i was tempt to buy it as a christmas gift but i should really go to poland then. :)


yulanda said...

I love the colours in the photo, Monika.

You know what I love? It doesn't help much with existing pimples, but it seems to make my skin feel super smooth and helps get rid of red marks pimples leave behind a little faster; Skin Food Black Sugar Mask. It smells really yummy too.

anyway, I just realized I never got back to your e-mail. Will do tonight or tomorrow!

monaka said...

thank you! i was playing with lightroom and cs3.

i will go to Skin Food after work and ask for the sample this mask. let's see how my skin reacts to it. i think all Skin Food products smell yummy :)

oh, don't hurry. im going to be in hk in august so there is still quite a bit of time. i asked my friend about which part of hk she lives so i will let you know when she replies.

yulanda said...

I hope your skin likes the mask! I was surprised mine did because my skin is highly reactive and a lot of masks end up making me break out :(

Alright, then I'll spend a bit more time on the shopping guide then ;) I've started writing it, but now that I have more time I can look for links and stuff. Let me know when your friend replies so I know what area you'll in. eee! I'm so excited you get to go there!

YoungDoo said...

come on, girl. the pimple is tiny n i'm laughing so hard! ;-)