Thursday, March 20, 2008

this week has been busy but nice. i met some friends that i haven't seen for a while. i have also discovered new places in seoul. i have been to the nicest cafe ever. i drank there raspberry tea.

today i have bought tights (just ordinary ones) and the package says (original spelling):
"You won't believe how comfortable it holds your hips up and reforms your body shape. It makes the line of logs look long and pretty. It makes your hips tightly without being seen the line of short legs."
don't you just love konglish??


yulanda said...

haha -- the packaging...line of logs! so, do your tights hold your hips up? do your hips fall down without the tights?

monaka said...

haha yes! now my legs look like logs ;-) but seriously they're actually pretty comfy and soft!

what i find it funny here, is that they have all tights in ONE size only! so i wear the same tights that korean girls who are mostly 150-165cm tall. (im 173cm)