Saturday, March 29, 2008

the spring is here and love is all around. the first flowers are already in bloom and the streets get prettier with every day.

meanwhile, i try to do and see as much as possible. i feel that i wasted some time here. the last fall was so difficult for me with being sick constantly for four months. if i could turn back time i'd spend it much different. i cant believe that in two days it is already april... from now on, im going to spend my time much wiser.

tomorrow i may buy myself a new lens for my digital camera. im thinking of buying a prime standard lens (nikkor 50mm/1.4). the brand new costs here about 160 euro while in finland it is over 300 euro. i have been thinking also of a zoom lens but i have never been a big fan of zoom lenses and they cost fortune. im really excited about it.

hubby most probably will go to finland soon for about 2 weeks. i will stay here on my own. when i found out i started thinking of all the things i want from finland but honestly there is nothing that id miss so much. so perhaps i'll ask just for porridge and some dried fruits as they're extremely expensive here.

okay, im off to meet some friends and eat dinner in traditional korean house. im going to have organic μˆœλ‘λΆ€ (soft tofu soup).


Agnieszka said...

Finally, i've just read all your posts:) I'm kind of sad beacuse i think i'm a little bit behind with your life:( But I must say I'm just amazed by pictures taken by you. i like them a lot!!!

monaka said...

it took you long time!!
dont worry, im also little bit behind with my own life. we will catch up soon!

yulanda said...

I love how much the birds stand out against the dull coloured background.