Monday, January 28, 2008

my weekend:
-sleeping very long
-watching good movies
-wandering in suwon and seoul
-cooking good food
-making plans


satu said...

your weekend sounds good! mine wasn't that bad either. ^________^ thanks for adding links to those blogs, i didn't know them before and they seem interesting.


yulanda said...

oh my, shoes!

mnk said...

s: i enjoy your links too! some of them i visit daily. yay for sharing^^

y: too bad all of them are too small for me -___-

Natarsha said...

I love shoes! Where is that shop?

mnk said...

this shop is in suwon. quite close to bundang where you live. it is famous for nice and cheap (usually under $40)shoes. if you're ever in suwon i can take you there :)