Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cafe pretty, daegu, south korea

Finally, I got myself together, cleaned and reinstalled my laptop. Things work a bit faster now. I wish I could do it to myself too... reinstall my brain, body and soul. Though, I do not wish to live faster.

The past few days have been pretty nice. I have been studying Finnish grammar and boy it's challenging. When I read the rules I understand them but somehow I don't use them that much when I'm speaking. I have ordered new advanced book and now im waiting when it arrives so I can practice all the rules and exceptions. I really wish to master this language!

Recently, I have seen a few good movies which stayed in my mind for a bit longer:

Heavenly Forest

Secret Sunshine

Samaritan Girl


Make it Easy said...

i have that heavenly forrest dvd!
is the secret sunshine a good film??

monaka said...

yes, i think it was good movies. at least it was very interesting.