Sunday, March 28, 2010

she made me miss singaporean food but since im too far away to have some i have to settle for what i can get/cook in finland. some of the food i enjoyed in march:

semolina porridge with blueberries and raspberries. cereal latte.
im one of those people that do not leave home without having breakfast. it gives me energy to start a day and quite often it is the biggest meal i eat during a day.

apple juice.
there is always apple juice in my fridge.

spinach soup with finnish barely flatbread.
when i was a kid i ate a soup every single day. i hated it. now i eat soups quite seldom but i enjoy it quite much. oh and that bread is my fave finnish bread.

carrot citrus juice.
if you know me well enough, you know im crazy about carrot juice.

polish pickled cucumbers.
in poland we eat a lot of pickles. every summer my mom makes several kinds of cucumber pickles, paprika pickles, mushroom pickles and cabbage pickles. i miss those a lot. don't get me started how awful finnish pickles are.

tried to make it for the first time last month and now it's one of my favourite dishes.

onigri with self marinated tofu.
perfect food for lunch box. so easy to make!

apple crumble with vanilla sauce.
there is still some left in the kitchen ^____^

this month i have been trying to eat a bit more healthy. i eat 5 small meals a day, drink a lot of water and i try to resist eating after 6pm. i can see that my skin is already getting better!

some of my favourite food blogs are:
vegan yum yum
have cake, will travel
101 cookbooks
eating asia
chocochili (in finnish)
maangchi (korean food)

what food blogs would you recommend?


Karolina said...

Nie wegetariański, ale wiele pysznych bezmięsnych pomysłów, a te mięsne łatwo uzdatnić do spożycia :) Uwielbiam za zdjęcia!

monaka said...

dzieki karo! piszac ten post myslalam sobie, ze fajnie byloby znalesc jakis dobry polski blog :) zdjecia sa fantastyczne.

Anonymous said...

I love Smitten Kitchen, Shutterbean, and the Pioneer Woman Cooks, in addition to the ones you recommended. Those are all great sites. I've been trying to eat more healthy too.

monaka said...

rhymeswithspoon: thank you for recommendations. indeed those sites are good finds. and what a nice blog you have!

Stephanie said...

Ackkgggggg! But now you've made me miss every other kind of food! Everything looks so delicious!!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh your blog is precious.
are you singaporean?

Essi said...

Nice collection! Despite of the great amount of fresh fruits available here i secretly miss finnish berries :)

Simply breakfast

máni said...

everything looks so good! and thanks for the food-blog links. as if i needed that procrastination...

monaka said...

Stephanie: can i have that peanut butter noodles of yours?!

cinta/sepi/sayu: no, im not. i visited there in july 2008.

Essi: send me some padthai and i will send you berries :)

mani: blogs are keeping me procrastinating too. like now!

Karolina said...

Mona, znalazłam coś nowego: <3

Delphine said...

thanks for this entry! your food looks very nice!
you say that your biggest meal is your breakfast, so i'm curious to know what other things you eat on a typical day :3
also, are you a vegan? i kind of have a memory that you are, but i'm not sure anymore...

i don't follow any cooking blogs, so i can't help you :/

Elizabeth-Ann said...

thanks for all the food blogs, i've been looking for some good ones for awhile now! ^__^

Jessy + the Writers said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog a few days ago & love it! the pictures are sooo pretty.

Mila said...

oh how i LOVE this post!
such lovely dishes,
already loving your blog after this first post i've read. :)

i look at canelle et vanille blog, but mostly for the pretty photography.