Monday, November 9, 2009

it was a nice weekend. and im ready for next week (and more snow)!

keep warm.


Elisabelle said...

lovely chilly pictures!

mieke willems said...

can't believe you have snow already! beautiful pictures!

Hanna Päivikki said...

Hei hei Monika!

I want more snow too, but I'm prepared to wait for it here. It looks pretty in Joensuu!

molly said...

Splendid! No snow here yet, but I'm definitely queueing up the black & white striped stockings for when it falls!

monaka said...

Elisabelle: unfortunately, soon it will be too chilly to take photos. my fingers freeze quite fast.

mieke: we have much more snow now and more is supposed to come within next few days.

hanna: this year snow came much earlier than in the past few years.

molly: keep your toes warm!