Thursday, October 8, 2009

i don't dare to complain about crappy weather this autumn because my summer was so nice that it's enough that i think of it and i feel warm.

i know that photo blogs are dominated by girls but there are a few good guys blogging as well. some of my faves are: Aron, Brian and Johan.


satu said...

man i miss you and those days. i don't know what to do with my blog. i didn't plan to abandon it while i'm here but it just happened. i'll be back!

monaka said...

that day was sooooo hot. but so nice :)

i kind of abandoned my blog while being in korea as well. there are too many things happening there!

Ulrika Kullenberg said...

Oh that shadows in the second picture! ♥

hiki said...

yes aron and brian are wonderful i love their blogs!! johan was new to me but seemed familiar and realised he's sandra's husband whom i follow the blog of!

love the second picture, so cool!

monaka said...

Ulrika: shadows are lovely.

hiki: hihi! indeed he is. they are such a nice couple.