Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hello september. today was really sunny and warm. perfect for a walk with my sister who is visiting me. it's last week of my holidays so i'm just being lazy and getting ready for university.

i'm waiting for autumn, thick cardigans, wrist and leg warmers and apple pies!


Anna said...

autumn sounds so nice from your point of view! i'll have to take on that outlook. the first two shots together are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely clouds!
I look forward to cold and fresh weather and knitted scarves and gloves :)

jenna said...

oh, me too, me too! i really can't wait. autumn is my favourite, it's almost like a dream.

hujour said...

i´m waiting also apple pies. Before I didn´t mind autumn so much, but nowadays I really like the spirit of it.

monaka said...

Anna: Thank you! The beginning of the autumn is nice but then it is just dark.

Ulrika: Me too!!

jenna: it is lovely season!

hujour: i was like that too. the older i get the more i like autumn :)