Sunday, February 1, 2009

i love stationery. sometimes, if i don't control myself i can really end up spending loads of money on it. south korea is the obvious winner as for the design and availability of nice stationery. some of my favourite korean brands include: o-check, mmmg and ssba. i also appreciate hand made stationery made by small companies such as lovelydesign. for last christmas as a gift for myself i bought the above journey book. it is really precious and i'm planning to use it as a travel diary. i wish i could own a stationery shop or company!


Delphine said...

Oh I really like Lovely Design :)
and I didn't know that millimeter/milligram was korean! enjoy your book ;)

erin said...

yes! i love that journal you have. i also love mmmg. i've gone through a couple of their card holders. i currently have the dots with the grid one.

Päivi said...

what a lovely book that is :)

yulanda said...

What a beautiful journal! Enjoy using it :)

satu said...

the photos are so nice. i'm so tired now and all i want to do is take nice photos & buy stationery. i got some old mmmg from skanno -50%, i think they were from 2006 or so. there wasn't that much anything but or course i had to buy some!

monaka said...

Delphine: yes, and in seoul they have a nice cafe as well :)

erin: that's a nice card holder. and what a nice blog you have!

Päivi: it is. maybe even too lovely to use :D

yulanda: thanks!

satu:thank you. -50%!! oh i wish they sold it here too

anita said...

Congratulations, this is such a nice blog. Beautiful, inspiring, brilliant. And so are the pictures posted in it.

I am a Spanish girl interested in literature, writing, photography and any kind of art that lights up my dull ordinary life devoted to banking.

Thanks for your blog.

surola said...

i like this book !! i know it !!
so nice!!!
good blog !!congratulations!!