Sunday, April 27, 2008

so yesterday was my birthday and the day was really nice even though it started with the visit to ER. i got an ear infection and the previous night i couldn't sleep as it was hurting a lot. i got some antibiotics (it seems like in Korea they give it for anything) and now the ear pain is almost gone.

then it was time for a little celebration. i had quite unsual bday cake which was made of rice and pumpkin. it was very delicious and it looked like this:

(im sorry that the picture is a bit unsharp but everyone was too eager to eat and i wasn't able to take a better shot).
i have also got too many gifts and i really felt spoiled. the celebration ended in jimjilbang.

thank you for remembering me. xoxo.


satu said...

kakku näyttää superhyvälle! nyt tekee mieli kakkua. :)

Annukka said...

happy birthday!

monaka said...

satu: se oli tosi herkullista! ^^

annukka: dziekuje :)