Thursday, April 17, 2008

i think it is above 25 degrees outside. the sun is strong and it just feels like summer. korean women are aready hiding under their sun umbrellas.

only 4 months are left in korea. that's very little. right now im focusing on doing things that i always wanted to do in korea but never got a chance to. so last weekend i bought some nice korean music. korean music is too much influenced by pop but you can also find some really good bands. i enjoyed the cds i bought a lot.

yesterday i made a mix cd for a friend of mine and i had loads of fun while making it. let me know if you'd like a mix cd from me too and i will gladly make it for you.


Annukka said...

Pmaietasz, dostalam od Ciebie mix-cd jeszcze za naszych czasow na LJ! Nadal ja mam i nadal slucham tej muzyki. Jest wspaniala. Bardzo chcialabym dostac od Ciebie troche koreanskich (i nie tylko) dzwiekow. Bardzo!

monaka said...

Oh milo mi, ze nadal masz ta plyte. Wyslij mi prosze swoj adres, na ktory moge wyslac plyte + niespodzianke :)