Thursday, March 6, 2008

5:45am - wake up
6:20am - get on the bus
7:50am - arrive to work
12:30pm - have lunch
5:00pm - leave work
6:30pm - arrive home
6:45pm - go to gym
8:15pm - do grocery shopping on the way from gym to home
8:45pm - take shower
9:00pm - prepare lunch for tomorrow to take to work
9:50pm - write this
10:00pm - go to sleep

days go by fast. weekends are much more fun though.


yulanda said...

5:45! Is the sun up yet?

monaka said...

no, it's not -___- i think around 6:45 it starts to get brighter. When I get on the bus it is still dark but when I get off it is already bright.