Sunday, March 2, 2008

i think that seoul's metro is kind of boring but i really liked this wall. i stared at it for quite a while. so far the most beautiful metro i have seen was in st.petersburg but unfortunately taking pictures there is forbidden. a few years ago i saw a very good hungarian movie about metro called Kontroll. it was first hungarian movie i have ever seen and i was impressed.

today's rainy day. that's good because the air smells like spring.


Natarsha said...

What I like most about the metro system here is that it is clean and the heated seats. There is always a Korean trying to sell

monaka said...

yes, heated sits are bless in winter. in summer i find the metro too cold with the air con on. though i cant imagine how hot it would be without it.

i think the most hillarious products are sold on metro. weird enough, some of them are pretty useful!!!